Antifa/Fash Update

The war between Antifa and Fash has come to a (sort of) conclusion.

Antifa still shows up to the feeder regularly, but his attacks on Fash have tapered off to an occasional desultory peck or two, and often he pays no attention at all. (Is it sexist that I assume Antifa to be male? And if it is, why is it? Discuss.)

My takeaway from this is that a bird will only bang its beak against an imaginary yet unyielding enemy for so long before even it realizes that it is only hurting itself.

Or maybe, to bring the anthropomorphizing to its inevitably ridiculous conclusion, its friends have convinced him that he is not doing anybody any good, much less advancing a meaningless, vapid, self-destructive cause that has no true goal. (Or — far less likely — he matured and put away childish things.)

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