Well . . . bye! [Well . . . hi!]

Drafted 04/14/2016:

I hope you enjoyed my blog.  It was not at all the experience I expected — which, I hasten to add, has nothing to do with WordPress, which has served me admirably.  Perhaps it was hubris, perhaps it was my imagination.  Whatever it was, I have been running on empty for some time, and I have not been getting refueled.  For this, gentle reader, I only blame myself.  At any rate, I have decided to reduce my social profile to that of the humble but industrious ant, and will move forward doing things which I love for my personal pleasure alone.  Color me selfish.  Color me magenta.  Color me gone.

Vaya con Dios, slayers …

Updated 01/03/2017:

Okay, I changed my mind (also I quit paying for a premium site). I am going to try a scaled-down version of a blog, consisting mostly of:

  • short pieces, some of which will duplicate my Farcebook posts (to my FB fans, sorry for the re-runs)
  • links I deem worthy (with or without my comments)
  • and maybe the occasional haiku.

I hope this effort will be more successful. If not, I can recycle last April’s post.

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