Another Sad Day in Amerika

lavoyIt’s another sad day in Amerika.  Of course, some of us will be sadder than others at the news that the Malheur confrontation was forcibly broken by government troops, with resulting loss of life and injury among the protesters.

I’m sad because lives were lost.  The government seems unable to end any disagreement without casualties among the opposition.  Of course, we do not have all the details — and possibly never will — but it is certain that there were casualties.

I’m sad because the protesters, whether or not intentionally, created an atmosphere of confrontation that encouraged the use of force on the part of government troops (not that they seem to need much encouragement these days).

I’m sad because the protester killed was the father of 11 and grandfather of 19. I’m sad because either he felt it necessary to lay down his life to make his point, or he was targeted because of or in spite of his situation.

I’m sad because the media, the government, and to some degree the protesters themselves dissembled and distorted the details of the situation, presumably to achieve an ulterior motive.  The issue at hand was immediately obscured and deflected by all concerned.

I’m sad because there are indications that citizens in the area allowed themselves to be swayed by government and media propaganda, such that they believe there were dangers that probably never existed.

I’m sad that the state of law enforcement is such that every “situation” becomes a crisis that justifies the use of equipment and technology so thoughtfully provided by the “1033 Program”, said provision and use neither necessarily justified nor beneficial.

I’m sad that every politician, elected official, government bureaucrat, and member of the “patriot movement” for miles around seems to have seized on the event to further an irrelevant agenda.

I’m sad that the concept of “government land” is allowed to exist, without constitutional authority or consent of the involved states.

Last of all, I’m sad for the family of the slain and wounded.  These casualties, whether for a valid cause, or whether a result of government necessity, are one more indicator of the deteriorating condition of our society.  Sadly, we seem to be either unable or unwilling to do anything about it, short of writing more sad stories like this one.

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