On War


Each war in which the united states have played a part has differed from the ones previous in several ways:

  • the strategies and tactics of the last war have not applied
  • the military has not been prepared for the new war
  • new technologies have exerted unexpected influence
  • the internal and external politics of war-fighting have mutated in unexpected ways
  • everything from terrain to logistics has differed
  • little or none of the changes have been anticipated
  • those who anticipated the changes were universally ignored by those in power
  • the effect on the troops and civilian population has been unanticipated
  • the aftermath of the war has produced unanticipated erosion of individual liberties

If you accept my postulate as correct, then I offer you the following hypothesis for consideration:

World War III started ‘officially’ for the united states on September 11th, 2001, and has been ongoing continuously ever since. (The ‘run-up’ lasted about 8-11 years, depending on which acts one accepts as being part of the prelude.)

We have not fought a ‘declared’ war since World War II. The individual conflicts since then have been bounded by more or less clearly demarcated events (though, for example, the “Vietnam War” has a frustratingly undefined start point.) This war has no true start point; my worry is that it may well have no true end point either. Of course, the alternative is even more frightening, if conflicts just continue to escalate until we destroy humankind through one cataclysmic means or the other.

Consider my hypothesis in light of the bullet points listed above. Can you identify specific occurrences that fit with one or more of them? More importantly, if the hypothesis is correct, is an acceptable outcome possible?

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