Yes, my blog name has changed. Yes, it is a shameless homage. Yes, there is a purpose.

After years of writing about all kinds of subjects that many other people address also — many far better than I — it finally occurred to me that part of my lack of ‘success’ (measured in terms of readership and feedback, neither of which are very good bellwethers) might be attributed to scope.

In the ‘political’ area, I have spent a lot of time talking about issues of the day in general (global) terms. In the future, I shall endeavor to think, act, and write more locally in the belief that any change we might actually bring about must come from the ground up.

This is the reason for the name change (well, that and it’s just a serendipitous play on words). One of many things that I have come to realize after reading more from John Taylor of Caroline, VA is that even though I knew all along that our ‘federal’ system was particularly corrupt, and that all governments conform to Lord Acton’s warning, while I may offer insight into the woes from the Maryland fever swamp, I have no real means of correcting even the least of them. On the other hand, I might be able to make a personal change on which I can build. From personal to local, from local to county, from county to state, from state to federal … at least in theory.

Regardless of how much I actually accomplish, at least I’ll stay in my own wheelhouse, writing about things that affect me personally, and things from my life that relate to larger issues. We shall see how it goes.

So settle back, and let’s see where this iteration takes us.

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