I Object!

Here’s a fun activity for those of us who want to do something, can’t quite figure out what to do, and are pretty sure that they’re not quite at the point where, as Mencken so eloquently put it, “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”


That’s all there is to it. Publicly object.

Make a list of the things that are going on with government that affect you and others adversely. Be specific. Order them, starting with the worst. Then announce, through the medium of your choosing, your objection to the top one on your list.

Encourage those who agree with you to add their objection to said issue. Also, encourage them to form their own list, and object in their own way.

I do not encourage law-breaking — not because I don’t believe in civil disobedience, but because I think we are in a condition where we need to ‘rouse the sleeping giant’ first, before we take more assertive action.

I believe that everyone has a list in the back of their mind. Put it down, make it right, and act on it.


Loud and long.

Form groups of like-minded objectors. Ride your issue until it gets attention. Follow through.

Do whatever seems to work, and share the secrets of your success.

I’ll start:

I object. I object to the feeling that there’s nothing we can do, that no one listens to us. I believe that the reason no one listens is that we’re not speaking out often or loudly enough. I object to our complacency. I say that the reason things are the way they are is because we let them get that way. And I object to the assumption by the “powerful” that they can control us so easily. I am going to object to complacency until I’m proven wrong!

To what do you object?

Speak out!


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3 Responses to I Object!

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Rather than spend my life objecting – and I easily could – I choose to ignore it as much as possible. The vast body of objectionable things, from the most petty to the greatest tyranny, requires my consent in one way or another to affect me. Of course, that means that the choice for some would be my death during the non-consent and resistance, so that’s a limiting factor.

    But I can so order my life to have minimal contact with those things I won’t consent to. I can avoid the people and places where these things occur commonly. I can arrange my life to avoid problems with many, if not most of the insane “rules” and prohibitions. Don’t ask “permission” and don’t flaunt your non-consent.

    Objecting, complaining, or trying to gather any sort of punitive or corrective action by others is a form of self torture and futile posturing for which I have no patience, and believe futile. In fact, if you complain, sign a petition, write a letter, etc… you are actually verifying that the offending party or group actually has some measure of legitimate authority to order your life and do what they do. And that, of course, is the most dangerous superstition.

    Screw them. I aim to misbehave.


  2. jctaylor1948 says:

    [10/26] “I Object”:

    I object to the notion that any person, anywhere, anytime, has a “right” to anything that *requires* me to pay for it. That is slavery, pure and simple, where my labor produces gain for someone who did not perform the labor required to earn the money to pay. And I object to any law or rule by government that establishes such a relationship. Such a law/rule is armed robbery, pure and simple.


  3. jctaylor1948 says:

    Today’s “I Object”: I object to the casual use of the term “slavery” solely to disparage the Founders, or Southerners, or whites, or Muslims, or any individual or group of individuals. First, slavery has always existed. No individual or group, past or present, can claim moral superiority in that regard.

    Second, take off the blinders! Look around you and see the Matrix! We are, at least in this country at this time, all slaves to a number of masters. Just ask yourself what you have to ask permission to do, or what you are prohibited from doing under great peril of incarceration or even execution.

    Do not talk to me of slavery while not one of us is truly free!


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