Signs That We Are Living in a Surveillance State

My list is not complete, but it may provoke some thought.

  1. Intersections that have no traffic signals have surveillance cameras
  2. Law enforcement budget line items for surveillance electronics exceed those for administrative/office electronics
  3. Photo ID is required for transactions, in a branch office whose employees know you on sight, of a bank of which you’ve been a customer for years
  4. Medical information is not only no longer jealously guarded, but is not protected at all from various commercial entities
  5. Your right to privacy is protected only if you totally isolate yourself from any kind of social interaction — anything less protected is free game for monitoring
  6. Photo ID is old tech — the avant-garde are moving to thumbprint or retina scanning
  7. More and more “professionals”, with whom you deal every day, need to know more and more about your personal life — especially certain habits deemed to be “incorrect”
  8. Your preferences are known, collected, databased, and shared among all interested parties with whom you interact
  9. The federal government assumes the authority to observe, collect data on, and manage more and more aspects of your daily life (for your own good, of course)
  10. The federal government also assumes the authority to observe, collect data on, and act upon more and more aspects of the public domain (in the interest of national security, of course)

As I say, this list is not complete. Feel free to add to it, as suits your own level of discomfort.

And remember, “if you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to object”.

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