Are We So Stupid?

I’ve seen several articles recently from the government’s house organs (such as this) in which the TSA asserts that there is an uptick in gun confiscation at airports this year.

Since we’re all made well aware that firearms are not allowed on commercial aircraft, one wonders why the uptick. Wake County (NC) District Attorney Colon Willoughby opines: “We’ve become such an armed society that people actually aren’t thinking about the fact that they’re carrying weapons with them. … That’s a little bit sobering, to think that we are so accustomed to carrying a firearm with us that we often don’t think about it or realize that we have it.”

Now I do not know the DA personally, but I’m going to guess he’s not a big fan of individual liberty, self-protection, and inalienable rights, just based on the implications in the statement above. It sounds like a variation on the old hoplophobe theme: “People [not including THEIR people] just aren’t responsible enough to bear arms. Blood in the streets … Wild West mentality … gunfights over fender benders!” You know the old, tired mantra.

On the other hand, every account I read assures us that most cases aren’t prosecuted strictly, if at all. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

If you’ve read anything I’ve written here before, you’re well aware that I trust the government implicitly in exactly one way — I fully expect them to always lie to us, to always seek to control us, and to always manipulate us in every way that they can. And I think this is a fine example of one of them.

Our government is so afraid of us that they work on every level to convince us — subtly as well as brutally — that we have no power, no authority, no control over our own lives. And, apparently, they’re doing a pretty good job.

In this case, they want to instill fear in the populace. Fear of armed idiots next to them. Fear of their unhinged neighbors. Fear of strangers. Fear of everyone except a uniformed government official. They want us to depend on them to tell us what’s best, to guide our decisions, to act as our parents in all matters regarding individual critical thought.

And, apparently, we are willing to let them. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t stand for the ever-increasing role of government agencies in controlling our everyday lives.

So, either we’re too stupid to own firearms, or we’re too stupid to control our own lives.

Which is worse?

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2 Responses to Are We So Stupid?

  1. LiberTarHeel says:

    Thank you for your comment! I must admit that I do not like the implications, though. Government is composed of individuals, much like ourselves, presumably. To believe that there are humans who rule and humans who must be ruled disturbs me deeply. I do believe that we’ve acclimated to our “cage behavior”, but I do not believe that there is any individual (much less any Borg-like collective) more capable of making decisions for me than I am for myself.


  2. alwayscon says:

    The latter.
    And I’ve actually touched on this on my latest post, I concluded that we “need” the government to govern us, since we can’t govern ourselves – which is rather sad.

    But then you’ve raised a good question. Can we really not govern ourselves (control our lives), or is it that we’ve grown accustomed to have other people (authorities) do that job for us?

    Stay well,


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