‘Oswald Was A Patsy’

Oh, no … wait! I meant Obama — got my O’patsies confused.

All you folks blaming Obama for all the woes of the world are every bit as benighted as the Bush-haters of yore.

Never mind that the policies of one are the policies of the other, without exception. Never mind that all that changed was the imagined political position of the haters. Never mind that — left or right — it’s the political world view of ever larger and more intrusive government.

We can’t let the terrorists win! (Hey, yo! WE are the real terrorists!) ‘Murca!

It boggles the mind that John Q cannot see that it’s not “Wall Street” or “Chicago” or “Democrats” or “Republicans” who are ‘driving us down the road to ruin’. It’s the ‘all-singing, all-dancing bureaucraps of the Washington world’!

The majority of Amerikan citizens think Edward Snowden is a traitor? Seriously? Ben Franklin must have achieved rotational hyper-velocity by now!

What are we thinking these days? Do we seriously accept government’s monitoring our every thought, word, and action? Are we really that afraid? Are we such cowards? Do we really believe that one more invasion, one more drone strike, or one more prosecution will somehow make us safe?

Can we not see that all government “War On …” jihads are futile, wasteful, punitive, and costly in so many ways? Have not the great Crusades on “Poverty”, “Drugs”, “Racism”, or “Crime” taught us anything?

Are we incapable of learning anything from our mistakes, much less of correcting them?

You know, the bottom line truth is that WE are the real patsies. ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us’!

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