BATFE’s “Fast and Furious” Fiasco

Listening to whistle-blower Vincent Cefalu (here), I am stricken by a couple of things:

How can anyone directly involved in the BATFE’s ongoing blatant corruption remain loyal to the mission of such an agency? The BATFE culture has been poisonous for decades, if not from inception. The one thing we’ve learned from previous government attempts at prohibition is that this kind of power inevitably leads to more criminal activity than it prevents. (See also the wars on alcohol, medicines, recreational drugs, religious beliefs, political dissidence, and individual liberty itself.)

Among organizations defending our individual liberties, why is JPFO alone in relentlessly pursuing this vile agency?

Most puzzling of all, why do we, the people, continue — in the face of incontrovertible evidence — to allow our servants, our elected representatives, to abuse us so openly? What mechanism compels us to accept the yoke of government dictatorship?

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