Part Zero

This, and subsequent posts in this category, are my attempt at collecting my ideas as to how we can find our way back from the level of Hell in which we currently find ourselves as a nation.

I am not a fan of any government; nonetheless, I do believe that a constitutional republic based on free speech, free markets, and free individuals is an acceptable compromise.

I have been influenced by individuals far too numerous to mention; individuals whose expertise in one or more subjects touched on here far exceeds my own. My non-intellectual attempts here are derived from these sources; if you uncover an original thought, I suspect it slipped in by accident. Nonetheless, I hope to provoke thought, conversation, and possibly even action, by gathering them here in some sort of order.

Said order is not necessarily indicative of priority. At least at first, they are meant to be deliberately provocative, designed to let “the powers that be” know that we mean business. In many cases, the “how” is far more difficult than the “what”; nonetheless, I firmly believe they should be done, by whatever means the Constitution allows.

Enough said. Enjoy, please feel free to comment, and share if you will. After all, we’re all in this together!


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