Part One

Okay, down to business. Due to current events, past events (and thanks to George Washington!), we have an insidious perversion of constitutional intent emanating from no less than the White House. (And yes, I am well aware that the current President is neither the first, nor the worst [said honor belonging to the “Big Stick” himself].)

I refer specifically to the concept of “Executive Orders” (EOs). Sure, the President can write memos all day long concerning how he wants the Executive Branch, of which he is the temporary head, to run the day-to-day implementation of constitutionally mandated laws, passed by the Legislative. But that’s not how they are being used.

There are EOs that are classified, the contents of which few citizens know for sure. There are EOs that bypass the legislative process, creating de facto laws. There are EOs that are simply inappropriate.

So, the simple solution is for Congress to outlaw EOs as unconstitutional. There is no — repeat no — constitutional basis for them, save by a tortured reading of Article II, Section 3, and that requires such contortion as to make Houdini proud.

So, repeal all EOs, effective immediately! Should the need arise, the Congress can pass legislation to replace those that actually are required.

SO there’s the “shot across the bow” of the Executive. Next part turns its sights to the Legislative branch.

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