The 23

The 23 Executive Orders proposed by President Obama contain phrase after phrase designed to unleash unprecedented federal power to regulate the natural right of citizens to defend themselves. A few of the more notable “red flags”, with my subjective analysis of their concealed meaning:

  • “relevant data”: whatever data we deem useful in denying applications
  • “unnecessary legal barriers”: rules which, though perfectly valid, undermine our ability to deny applications
  • “incentives for states to share information”: coercive bribes to strengthen our pre-determined position to deny applications
  • “review categories of individuals”: include everyone for whom we can jinn up any excuse to deny applications
  • “dangerous people”: those people deemed dangerous to authority
  • “safe and responsible”: manipulative, coercive, and restrictive
  • “Review safety standards”: create punitive restrictions
  • “trace guns” and “report … on lost and stolen guns”: compile a covert database of gun owners
  • “Maximize enforcement efforts”: mandate law enforcement ratcheting down on firearms restrictions
  • “directing the [CDC] to research the causes and prevention of gun violence”: using a biased government agency to create pseudo-science to further demonize firearms ownership
  • “new gun safety technologies”: costly regulations and coercion of manufacturers
  • “[ACA] does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes”: a violation of rights and doctor-patient confidentiality
  • “reporting threats of violence”: opening a Pandora’s box of denial by false claim
  • “mental health”: another excuse for gathering up “undefendables” for denial

The violation of doctor-patient privilege and HIPAA regulations, coupled with the heavy emphasis on mental health initiatives is merely another way to demonize as many people as possible, regardless of validity of their disqualification. Expect to see outspoken opponents to government, returning veterans, and the poor categorized as ineligible by these measures.

New safety technologies will be used as economic tools to render prohibitive the manufacture of firearms and ammunition at worst, and at best severe price increases to firearms consumers, especially penalizing the poor.

Data gathering and research will all be used to create official propaganda reports demonizing gun owners, manufacturers, and lobbyists, further ratcheting down the pressure to legislate private ownership out of existence.

The old saying goes: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” As long as we recognize that “law enforcement” and the military will retain their arms — and that this exception does not invalidate the saying — I maintain that the statement remains all too true.

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