Pepe la Pew

<< Here are some clues that you may have come across a marijuana cultivation site:

Sometimes marijuana smells like a skunk on hot days. … >>


The feral gummint, in its zeal to control all drugs not currently put through the FDA wringer (especially those of natural origin and proven to be effective), come across sounding like buffoons (oh wait, they are buffoons!) every time they speak.

In this instance, the ferals are concerned that John Q might stumble across a band of crazed weed growers who would skin the menfolk for hats and sell the womenfolk to Islam as slaves. Or something.

In North Carolina’s “National Forests”. (Now, I could digress on exactly who owns said national forests, but that is a thought warranting its own post.)

In fact the insane drug warriors need to justify their paramilitary raids on that great growing class of citizens hereafter known as “Criminals Without Victims”. Into which category we soon all will be placed. (Red Dawn only got one point wrong (albeit a big one). It won’t be the hapless Russkies who occupy this nation. Our death from above will also be from within.)

Deathfromabove2.jpg (18643 bytes)

I have spent extensive time in NC’s ‘national’ parks and forests, typically off the beaten tourist path. And while I am a firm believer in always being equipped to protect myself — regardless of venue — I have never had to fill my hand to protect myself from these alleged pot growers. Now this may simply be because I have enough sense to always be aware of my surroundings, but I suspect that it is really because this, like the threats postulated by TSA, ICE, and Homeland Security trolls everywhere exists only in their fevered brains and in their lust for a bigger budget.

I could be wrong; and, if attacked by rabid pot growers in NC’s Nantahala, I assure my gentle readers I will let you know.

Just don’t hold your breath — unless you’ve got a good lungful!

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