Oh, the agony!

NC “Governor” Perdue is currently struggling with a veto decision over the new state budget just passed by the first Repuglican-controlled legislature in 100 years (forget, Hell!). From the agonizing in the MSM, one might think that this was a monumental issue, that the future for tax slaves throughout the state was unclear.

But only if you don’t understand politics. The budget passed is full of “flexible cuts”, which is what allows the Demoncrats to call the budget Armageddon, while the Repuglicans simultaneously get to call it fiscal Heaven.

What “flexible cuts” really means is that you can subtract dollars from the budget to get it passed, then reinstate them at will after the booboisie has been duped into accepting it. That way, the Repuglicans get credit for fiscal responsibility, the Demoncrats get to vent their frustrations, the bureaucrats get to exercise their unwarranted power, and the tax slave just gets to suck it.

So, whether or not this play has another act is irrelevant. The good guys are all bad guys, and the audience gets it in the end.

Sic semper tyrannis!

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