Remember in November

Well, erection time is near at hand. And, in a futile attempt to sort out the fly poop from the pepper, I present to you a capsule voting guide, applicable to your every need:

Don’t vote.

That’s it. I’m done. Comments?

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4 Responses to Remember in November

  1. We are bound to come to different conclusions now and again. I know that the Republicans are 24-karat glow-in-the-dark assholes. I just think they’re less of an immediate threat to our lives, liberty, and property than the Pol Pot style wannabe eugenicists and mass-murderers to whom Obama has given seats at the table.

    I also know that, even if we can put paid to the Left, the Right will have to be watched and combated every minute for the remainder of my life. This is not how I wished to spend my future, way back in 1962 when I became a libertarian, but you know it isn’t in me just to sit things out.

    That’s what the Jews did in German in 1933.


    • jctaylor1948 says:

      I view not voting as an active measure, not passive. I cannot bring myself to vote for anyone from either party … sadly, I could not even support the Paulian movement. But I’m not exactly cowering, waiting to be put in the cattle car, either. [Godwin’s Law? Really?]


  2. jctaylor1948 says:

    Obama is not up for re-election in 2010. By 2012, who knows how good a Republican Congressional majority can make him look?

    The Republicans will do anything to gain seats, including eating their own. The Tea Party has done no more than make the Repugnicans disinter (and slather some rouge and powder on) 1994’s odious Contract on Amurrica.

    And how could you, of all people, give the Grunt Offal Party a pass on guns? Who allowed the Ugly Gun Ban and the Babblin’ Brady Act to pass without a real fight?

    Nope, sorry! I love you no shit, but I’m stickin’ to my guns on this one, pard!


  3. While I understand and sympathize with your view, John, I’ve decided it’s too important to get rid of Obama and his merry menagerie of mass-murderers. Since the Libertarian party has been taken out of the fight by what I believe is enemy action, I’m going to hold my nose and vote Republican in every instance, except for Colorado governor, where I will vote for Tom Tancredo. I disagree with him and the Republicans a lot, but they don’t appear to favor Agenda 21 and they’ll leave my guns alone.


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